Installing and Maintaining Swim Spas in Cincinnati


A swim spa or hot tub is like a combination swimming pool and hot tub. But swim spas are much smaller than regular pools. Swim spas let you swim in one spot without moving around very much. Powerful jets push the water against you, making it feel like swimming in a stream or river. 

Getting a hot tub is a big investment that will provide your family with health and recreation for years to come. However, there are important steps to take when installing and caring for your spa to protect your investment. This guide will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Installing a Swim Spa in Cincinnati

There are several factors homeowners must take into account to select the unit that best suits their needs and space. The first consideration when having a swim spa installed is choosing the appropriate model and design.

Choosing the Right Swim Spa Model and Design

When choosing which swim spa model is best for you, there are some important factors to consider. One thing to think about is size. Hot tubs come in a wide range of lengths and widths. Make sure to measure the space you have available so your new spa will fit properly. 

You’ll also want to think about how many people will use the spa at once. Models are rated for different maximum capacities. Select one that meets your typical household needs. 

Another thing to look at is jet configuration. Jets provide water flow therapy. Different designs have varying numbers and positions of jets. Go with a layout that gives full coverage, whether you’re swimming or just relaxing.

Also, consider special features. Some swim spas have amenities like waterfalls, LED lighting, Bluetooth sound systems, or adjustable current settings. Think about what added functions would be most enjoyable for your family.

Permitting and Preparing the Installation Site

Before the new hot tub can be placed, the proper building permits must be obtained.

The Cincinnati municipal permit office should be contacted to determine what documentation will be needed. Permits help ensure the installations for Cincinnati swim spas meet all applicable safety codes and regulations. It’s also important to evaluate the area where you want to locate your spa. 

Make sure the base is completely level to provide stable support. Uneven ground could cause issues down the road. 

You’ll need to make sure electric wiring is situated close by as swim spas require a dedicated circuit. Having power in the right location saves time and money during installation. Another consideration is drainage. You don’t want water accumulating under or around the spa. Permits may require adding appropriate drains or slopes to divert water away.

Delivery and Installation

Once the site is prepared and permits are obtained, it’s time for the big day. First, the hot tub unit will be carefully transported to your home by delivery professionals. Large trucks are safely used to secure the spa for transport without damage. 

When it arrives, licensed technicians from the retailer overseeing the installation will guide the process. Using special equipment like harnesses or airbags, they’ll slowly maneuver the spa from the truck into the installation area. It takes precision to keep everyone safe.

The technicians then precisely level the base, so the spa sits evenly on support. They may fill it partway with water to help settle and balance the tub during this step. 

Next, the plumbing and electric lines get hooked up. Tubing is connected to the filtration pump and other systems. Wiring brings power to all the spa’s functions. 

Once all connections are made, the control system gets programmed, and tests are run to ensure smooth operation. Technicians may also cover maintenance tasks and go over any warranty information.

Finally, when complete installation and testing confirm everything is set up perfectly, your new Cincinnati hot tub is ready for your family to enjoy! Professional installation by licensed experts ensures your spa will operate safely and reliably from day one.

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Maintaining Swim Spas in Cincinnati

Keeping a swim spa in good working order requires proper care and maintenance. One vital aspect is maintaining water quality, as dirty water can pose health risks and damage the spa. Regular testing, filtration, and treatment are needed.

Keeping Your Swim Spa Water Clean

It’s important to care for your swim spa’s water quality properly. Dirty water can pose health risks and damage the spa over time. 

The first step is regular testing and adjustments. Get a test kit to check chemical levels like chlorine, pH, and hardness weekly. Bring levels back within the safe range as needed using balancing products. 

Good filtration is also key. Your spa’s filtering system removes microscopic debris that normal eyes can’t see. Be sure to clean and replace filters as instructed in the owner’s guide.

Both filtration and testing help control bacteria levels. But more is needed to fully sanitize the water. Hot tubs use ozonators, UV lights, or similar sanitizers. These work around the clock to keep water sparkling clean. 

Regular weekly water changes help freshen things up, too. Make sure to use a proper spa-grade cleaner each time per manufacturer guidelines. Cleaning prolongs your spa’s life by preventing scale buildup on surfaces.

Weekly Cleaning and Sanitizing 

Beyond just maintaining water quality through chemicals and filters, it’s important to thoroughly clean your swim spa weekly. This keeps it looking and smelling fresh while preventing grime buildup.

Start by sweeping or vacuuming any debris from the spa floor and surfaces. Pay close attention to corners and crevices. Using a telescoping pole makes it easier to reach all areas.

Once clear of debris, scrub surfaces with a soft-bristled brush or wash mitt made for spas. Gently wash down walls, floor seams, and seats. Rinse thoroughly until no soap residue remains. 

Be sure also to clean your spa’s filter housing and cartridges regularly. Dirty filters can’t work as well and may need replacement sooner. Follow steps specific to your spa’s filter type for effective cleaning.

After scrubbing surfaces, use a spa-approved sanitizer like chlorine tabs or a liquid shock treatment. Allow the sanitizer to sit for the recommended time to destroy any remaining bacteria or germs. 

Finally, wipe down exposed equipment like headrests, control panels, and lights. Ensure all surfaces are completely dry before replacing nearby cabinet doors or locking covers.

Protecting Your Swim Spa in Winter

When cold weather arrives, it’s important to prepare your hot tub properly for the winter season. This protects the equipment from damage caused by freezing temps.

First, drain all water from the spa completely. Remove filters and store them indoors as well. With all water eliminated, there’s no risk of freezing pipes.

Once emptied, add anti-freeze to the spa’s dedicated pump chamber and plumbing. Follow dosage instructions depending on your region’s average lows. The propylene glycol anti-freeze keeps equipment from frost damage down to -50°F. 

Cover any openings not in use with insulating foam pads. This helps block cold air from entering vulnerable spots in the structure.

Use a heavy-duty thermal cover made explicitly for swim spas. Its insulation holds in warm air year-round to maintain temps ideal for equipment. Secure straps or place weights on the cover in windy areas.

Store critical control components in a heated indoor area like your garage through winter—no need to risk their function being impacted by extreme cold.

Final word

Taking good care of your swim spa is important but doesn’t need to be complicated. Following some basic maintenance guidelines will help keep it in great condition.

Whether you’re relaxing with family or doing laps, your hot tub will provide exercise, therapy, and memories for many years ahead when handled properly. We hope this guide has helped you better understand everything involved in installing, using, and maintaining your investment. Enjoy your swim spa!



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